Getting Started with Community-based Water Monitoring

WET-Pro is designed to provide an overview of the necessary training, skills, and knowledge needed to conduct meaningful community-based water quality monitoring.

This self-paced, interactive, and accessible online certification course covers the fundamentals of water quality monitoring and prepares you for field activities in your own watershed. No previous experience in water monitoring is required to complete this course, however, individuals with some prior knowledge may benefit from WET-Pro as a refresher.

WET-Pro is designed to support community-based water monitoring groups, but it can be used by diverse audiences including students and researchers, government staff, and anyone interested in better understanding the health of their local watersheds.

WET-Pro was developed by Saint Mary’s University’s Atlantic Water Network with guidance from community experts, academics, and government scientists. Course content draws from water monitoring best practices and is continually updated to reflect new tools and insights from Canada and abroad.

Happy sampling!

This Course Covers:

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    Module 1 Introduction & Basics
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    Module 2 Quality Assurance & Quality Control
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    Module 3 Water Quality Monitoring Parameters
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    Module 4 Designing Your Monitoring Program
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    Module 5 Sampling Methods, Techniques, & Protocols
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    NEW! Cyanobacteria – by ACAP Saint John
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